This store is available in UK and EU only.

But please write your email below and we will
send you when is available in our country.

How the head reset order process works

1. Use the "contact" form on the home page menu to let us know how many resets you will be ordering and how many spent F123 chips you are sending.  

2. Send us your F123 print head(s) and F123 spent chips.

Please use a trackable shipping method.  We are not responsible for items lost on the way to us.

Please use the OEM individual print head packaging if possible.

See the "ship to" locations below for your area.

Note Before Sending :  The head print quality must still be acceptable.  A reset alone will not cure poor quality printing.

If you are sending chips, send only spent F123 chips that have been separated from the spool axle.  They pry off easily.   Please place the chips in a ziplock bag with your company name on it.

3.  Once your chips and print head have been received, we will email you to confirm your chip credit and send you a gift card for the credit amount. 

4.  Enter your order for the number of head resets you require and apply the gift card as a credit  during checkout.  Please select your return shipping options (if available) at the time of the order to provide the total of the order + shipping costs.

5.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to process the order as we process the resets in batches.  UK orders require additional shipping that takes a little longer than EU orders



We use the independent group to handle 3DP consumable returns.

For UK customers:

3DP Recycle

76 Aldsworth Road, Victoria Park

Cardiff, Wales, UK  CF5 1AB


For EU customers:  


Bäckerstr. 30, Kempten

Germany 87435


For USA customers:


68 Central St.

Topsfield MA 01983